Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) & Data Mapping Workflow Documentation

Uncertain as to whether you need a Record of Processing Activities for GDPR compliance? On the fence as to whether you should do a Data Mapping at all?


A Data Mapping is a huge undertaking that cuts across all teams, but produces significant benefits. We’re experts at streamlining the process in order to create a well-developed Data Mapping of Processing Activities so your organization maintains compliance and can reap the rewards without enduring a painful process.

A DPSA Data Mapping of Processing Activities can help your organization:

  • Provide a basis to ensure and confirm that only necessary personal information is collected, lowering risk through data minimization
  • Confirm that personal information is being used only for the purpose(s) it was collected for
  • Identify services and/or technologies that should have Privacy Impact Assessments to measure the risk of processing to your organization
  • Identify all vendors, third parties, and partners to which the company transfers personal information, flagging whether it meets CCPA’s definition of Sale
  • Respond to Data Subject Requests (DSRs) and identify Business Teams that need CCPA-required training

Minimizing the disruption through custom workflows, DPSA will gather the information from your Business and IT teams to map your Processing Activities, Assets, and Vendors.

Your Data Mapping will be a library of Processing Activities, Vendors, and Assets that use personal information, including initiatives and activities from Sales & Marketing; Relationship Management; Product/Service Development & Management; Customer Support; B2B relationships; and in-scope HR & Employee datasets.

To complete the Mapping of Processing Activities, DPSA will guide your teams in:

  • Identifying how personal data is collected by the Company (e.g. website, events, purchased lists, etc.).
  • Documenting what specific type of personal data (e.g. Name, Address, Email, Credit Card, etc.) is collected/used in each Processing Activity and what countries the data is coming from.
  • Mapping what data is shared across the Company teams and to outside entities, flagging any CCPA Sales and Vendors that need risk assessments.
  • Linking Vendors and IT Assets/Systems to Processing Activities for transparency of security and data protections.
  • Identifying the personal information, Assets/Systems and Vendors involved Processing Activities potentially subject to Data Subject Rights Requests / DSRs.

Your Data Mapping of Processing Activities is a big ask of everyone, so it should be done right the first time – DPSA has the track record to ensure it is.

We offer a broad range of services that can be customized to your needs.

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