Consulting & Expert Services

Consulting & Expert Services are the heart of DPSA. We are former in-house privacy and security executives and consulting firm partners — we know both sides of the relationship, and how to build successful programs.

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Thinking about outsourcing your Privacy Office? Need help building a Data Governance Program or a Vendor Risk Management Program? Interested in using privacy technology to create a Data Mapping or conduct Risk Assessments?


Consulting & Expert Services are the heart of DPSA. As experienced consultants, we’ve been in your shoes: buying services and standing up privacy and security programs, then building and leading teams to maintain effective privacy and security standards.

We understand sometimes you need short-term support, so we offer all of our services as stand-alone consulting engagements to help you move forward quickly. When you need a long-term partner, DPSA provides an extensive portfolio of managed services for help building and maintaining your privacy program.

DPSA is technology-agnostic and expert in all leading platforms. And, all DPSA consulting engagements include a secure, client-dedicated OneTrust environment at no additional cost and with no obligation to buy (DPSA is not reseller, so no pressure here!).

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Consulting Services for Special Projects – just because it isn’t specifically listed, doesn’t mean DPSA can’t help – our expert team brings on average more than 20 years of real experience in privacy and data protection.