OneTrust Implementation & Migration

New to the OneTrust privacy, security, and data governance platform? Already active but not happy with your OneTrust workflow? Need assistance with OneTrust, implementation, migration, and customization?  Looking to move away from OneTrust and seeking alternatives?


All members of the DPSA Consulting Team have earned and maintain  “OneTrust Certified Expert” certifications on all OneTrust modules. Rely on us for qualified expertise on everything from Assessment Automation and Data Mapping to Privacy Rights Automation, Vendor Management and Incident Response.

We offer several services that enhance OneTrust to meet your program’s needs and objectives and to help you get more out of your privacy technology:


Implementing OneTrust

Let DPSA implement and/or maintain your privacy operations within the OneTrust platform. Our consulting services can assist your organization with the implementation and customization of OneTrust to fit your organizations’ specific needs.  Our OneTrust certified experts provide hands-on implementation and customization (workflows, automation, webforms, etc.), as well as training.  For organizations looking for assistance with the ongoing management of their OneTrust platform, our Privacy Expert on Demand service provides dedicated OneTrust experts focused on the operation and maintenance of your OneTrust instance.

Migrating Onto Or Off OneTrust

Data migration onto or off OneTrust requires deep system knowledge, rigorous testing, and diligent project management to ensure that data is moved accurately, in a timely manner, and without disruption to ongoing privacy operations.

Our Migration Management team is OneTrust Expert Certified in all modules, bringing an understanding of the user interface, platform functionality, and back end operation, which is critical to delivering a seamless migration.

Not sure which alternative to choose? DPSA can also assist with evaluating privacy technology platforms to find the best fit based on your program’s specific needs.

Building Custom OneTrust Environments

We offer implementation, customization and ongoing management for all OneTrust applications:

Privacy Management Apps

  • Data Mapping Automation – custom data mapping assessment templates (information gathering), automation rules, assessment workflows, custom attributes (asset, process, entity, vendor, personal data, risk, location, relationship, project), custom reports
  • PIA & DPIA Automation (Assessment Automation) – custom assessment templates, custom workflows and routing, automation rules, custom project attributes, custom reports
  • Privacy Rights Automation (DSAR) – custom webforms and workflows, custom response templates, data redaction, custom reports
  • Policy & Notice Management – custom policy templates
  • Incident Management – custom incident assessment templates, automation rules, custom assessment workflows, custom incident workflows & automation, custom web forms, custom attributes, custom reports
  • Maturity & Planning – custom readiness assessment templates
  • Program Benchmarking – custom benchmarking assessments designed to compare your organization’s privacy program against others based on industry, region, revenue and program scope

Third-Party Risk Management & Third-Party Risk Exchange Integration

  • Third-Party Risk Management – custom automation rules, custom workflows, custom vendor assessment templates, custom vendor and asset attributes, custom control application, custom reports, Third-Party Risk Exchange integration

Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) Apps

  • Audit Management – custom workflows, custom audit attributes, custom finding attributes, custom workpaper attributes,  custom automation rules, custom reports
  • IT & Security Risk Management – custom risk assessment templates, controls customization, risk library customization, threat library customization, vulnerability library customization, custom evidence task libray, custom risk workflows, custom automation rules, custom control profiles, custom risk attributes (including asset, process, entity, vendor, personal data configuration, risk attributes, control & control library attributes, location list)
  • Enterprise Policy Management – custom attributes (policy attributes, procedure attributes, standard attributes), custom automation rules, custom templates (policy, procedure, standard), custom workflows, custom reports
  • Risk Management – risk register customization, custom risk workflows, custom attributes (risk attributes, control library attributes, control attributes), custom reports

Consent & Preference Management Apps

  • Consent (Universal Consent) – custom purposes, custom data elements, custom reason templates, custom attributes (collection point & purpose), custom consent rules, custom preference centers, integration customization, custom reports
  • Cookie Consent (Including Mobile App Consent, OTT & CTV Consent) – custom scanning setups and parameters (scan behind paywalls, etc.), banner and preference center customization, custom templates, custom geolocation rules, vendor setup, cookie categorization customization, integration customization, scanning automation, custom reports

Ethics & Compliance Apps

  • Ethics Policy Management – custom attributes (policy, procedure, standard), custom automation rules, custom templates, custom workflows, custom reports
  • Disclosure Management – custom ethics templates, custom workflows & routing, custom questionnaire templates, custom reports
  • Campaigns – custom rule-based groups

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Reporting & Disclosures

  • ESG Program Reporting & Disclosures – custom metric reporting, custom ESG metrics attributes

Global Settings

  • Organization Setup – custom organization hierarchy
  • User Management – customization of user groups and roles, single sign-on setup
  • Application Branding – custom domain configuration, custom color scheme, custom logo, custom localization settings
  • Email Template Customization
  • Self-Service Portal

We offer a broad range of services that can be customized to your needs.

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