Website / Portal / App Privacy Notice(s)

Not sure where to start with developing Privacy Notices?


At DPSA, we understand that developing Privacy Notices can be a significant undertaking. A transparency requirement under all major privacy regulations, Privacy Notices must be easy for individuals to read and understand, yet also need to provide specific information about how the company collects, stores, analyzes, and processes personal information.

We can help you get this information organized, ensure that your Privacy Notice has all regulatory-required information, and is posted on all sites where personal information is collected.

We work directly with your teams to document the essentials:

  • Categories and types of personal information the company processes
  • How and for what purpose personal information is collected and processed
  • How the data is protected
  • What external entities it is shared with
  • How long the data is kept

We will also help ensure each Privacy Notice is specific to its environment—whether it’s a corporate-website Privacy Notice, Client/Customer Portal Privacy Notice, or a Privacy Notice posted in an App Store.

At DPSA, we understand exactly what’s required for complaint Privacy Notices. Let us help you streamline the process and take away the guesswork.

We offer a broad range of services that can be customized to your needs.

Contact Us Today and we can start you on a path to regulatory compliance.