Website Cookie Notice & Banner

Confused about how to balance your Web Cookie Notice compliance with your digital marketing agenda?


Under CCPA and GDPR, businesses must post a conspicuous and immediately accessible Cookie Notice, usually as a link in a Cookie Banner, so visitors can easily and fully understand what is being collected by first- and/or third-party cookies when they interact with your website/portal/app.

The GDPR also requires companies to provide an interactive mechanism for individuals to freely give consent to accept or reject the use of Cookies before any tracking or downloading takes place. Also, individuals must be able to use that mechanism to change their consent at any time.

This is where a deep understanding of both the regulation and digital marketing technology is critical to actually being compliant – all Cookies must be identified and correctly categorized so the notice, banner and preference center accurately reflect site operations.

The DPSA team’s combination of tactical privacy expertise plus marketing know-how means we’re uniquely positioned to help you balance Cookie Notice compliance with digital marketing initiatives.

We offer a broad range of services that can be customized to your needs.

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