Vendor Management Policy

Need to determine whether your vendors are treating your data with the right level of protection? Unsure about what privacy and security controls they have in place? Not clear if your teams know the protocols for working with vendors when it comes to such data?


Vendor risk is one of the biggest risks companies face. Your internal privacy and security practices can be flawless, but without taking steps to ensure the same of your vendors, your data may be vulnerable.

Let us help you mitigate vendor risk by developing a Vendor Management Policy that serves as a pillar of your formal privacy- and security-focused Vendor Management program framework. The Vendor Management Policy will help you:

  • Outline what is expected from your vendors
  • Direct how your teams engage with vendors
  • Address vendor on- and off-boarding requirements
  • Outline vetting and data destruction requirements

Our Vendor Management Policy also includes:

  • Recommended schedules for conducting Vendor Risk Assessments in order to evaluate the privacy and security controls in place for protecting your data from loss or damage
  • A Vendor Management Framework Checklist, which includes compliance action items for your company and your vendors at each phase of the vendor relationship.

We offer a broad range of services that can be customized to your needs.

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