Data Subject Request (DSR) Policy, Communication Templates & Tracking Log

Unprepared to handle requests from individuals seeking answers about how you handle their personal information? Don’t have a workflow that allows for successful compliance of such requests?


Known as Individual Rights Requests or Data Subject Access Requests (DSRs), these common tenets of global privacy regulations give individuals more power and control over the personal information organizations collect about and from them.

Each regulation provides slightly different Individual Rights, with critical differences in timeframes, extensions, and exceptions—and being prepared for the differences, with the required documentation, will determine your compliance success.

DPSA can help you prepare and build a workflow that accounts for the differences in these requests. Our experts will help you draft a single Data Subject Requests (DSAR) Policy that addresses the differences without confusing the team members tasked with executing the requests.

Our comprehensive DSR package package includes:

  • A single Data Subject Requests Policy
  • DSR Communications templates that allow your team to effectively engage with individuals to verify and complete their requests
  • A DSR-Tracking Log (required under the GDPR and CCPA), which will assist teams with managing deadlines and documenting key metrics

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