Employee Privacy Notice & Job Applicant Privacy Notice

Uncertain about how to handle Privacy Notice requirements for employees and job applicants?


Under GDPR and the CCPA’s “Right to Know,” before an organization can collect any personal information from prospective, current, or former employees, that organization must have a Privacy Notice that informs individuals about the categories of personal information being collected (as well as the purpose of collection), and any transfers of said personal information.

At DPSA, we know this means drafting and presenting audience-specific Privacy Notices:

Employee Privacy Notice

DPSA will work with your HR team to write a custom Employee Privacy Notice and recommend strategic ways to distribute the Notice so that all employees understand what personal information the company processes during and after their tenure at the company.

Job Applicant Privacy Notice

DPSA will create a custom Applicant Privacy Notice that can be included with printed job-application forms and presented as a link at the bottom of landing pages for online applications.

We offer a broad range of services that can be customized to your needs.

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