Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) Policy

Not sure where your data is? Or how to map your data processing activities?


Mapping data processing activities is critical for several reasons beyond GDPR Article 30 compliance. It impacts an organization’s:

  • Ability to assess privacy and security risk
  • Accurately draft Notices & Policies
  • Manage Vendor Risk
  • Respond to the rights of access and deletion

At DPSA, we understand this challenge. We’ve worked within our clients’ business and technical teams to streamline the documentation process, and we know that without a Record of Processing Activities Policy to govern the process and hold teams accountable, the initiative loses momentum.

DPSA can help you develop a Record of Processing Activities Policy that is clearly written and specific to the needs of your business and technology teams. We will also establish timeframes for regular processing activity, asset, and vendor entry review.

Drafted in this manner, your Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) Policy will be a vital tool to help prevent a significant gap in your privacy compliance program.

We offer a broad range of services that can be customized to your needs.

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