Breach Notification Template

As worried about how your organization will handle breach notification processes as you are about a data breach itself?


At DPSA, we understand how hard it is to keep track of variations among data breach notification requirements— for example, all 50 states have different requirements!

The middle of a high-pressure security event is not the time to be worried about what needs to be disclosed to who, and how, and when—focus must be on addressing the event itself.

Let DPSA remove the uncertainty in advance, with Breach Notification templates that provide assurance your team is documenting the right information at the right level of detail. Our template package includes:

  • A Breach Notification template that can be shared with EU Supervisory Authorities and US state, federal, and law enforcement authorities
  • A Breach Notification template for your internal breach register
  • A Breach Notification template for communicating with impacted Data Subjects

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