Privacy Office as a Service: Let DPSA Be Your “Privacy Expert on Demand”

Need a marketing expert for the do’s and don’ts of marketing campaigns? Input from a former CISO? Sector-specific intel on how other companies are complying? Operational advice and guidance at the level provided by top consulting firms?


Skip the overhead and use DPSA as your outsourced privacy team. With our proprietary Privacy Expert on Demand service, you’ll have dedicated expert resources available when—and how—you need them. From building frameworks and drafting policies, to closing the gap with the Business and Marketing teams, to addressing data transfer or COVID reopening risk—no question or concern is out of scope.

Our Privacy Expert on Demand service provides your organization with dedicated resources who will be available at any point for:

  • Privacy and security questions
  • Record of Processing Activity reviews
  • Assistance responding to risk assessments and Data Subject Requests
  • Privacy and security controls reviews
  • Meeting participation
  • Document/contract/DPA review
  • Team-specific training and information sessions
  • And more!

With Privacy Expert on Demand  you’ll have DPSA’s full resources and expertise at your fingertips.

For existing privacy and security programs, the Privacy Expert on Demand services could include:

  • Review of existing Processing Activity, Asset, & Vendor RoPA entries to ensure all required information has been captured
  • Review of security controls on systems that process personal information to help determine appropriateness
  • Issuing (and responding to) Vendor Risk Assessments
  • Managing Data Subject Rights Requests / DSR Response
  • Reviewing DPIA and PIA and building Risk Mitigation Plans
  • Resolving Action Items on your Privacy Gap Remediation Plan
  • Keeping your team updated and new and pending privacy laws

Why go through the hassle and frustration of finding and hiring the rare combination of a true privacy expert that also has sector-experience – DPSA brings this to you with Privacy Expert on Demand and can be your Privacy Office.

We offer a broad range of services that can be customized to your needs.

Contact Us Today and we can start you on a path to regulatory compliance.