COVID-19 Reopening Package: Policies, Training & Communication

Wondering what it will take to reopen office locations in the midst of ongoing COVID-19 concerns? Not sure how you’ll manage the new HR practices, security procedures, and security ramifications all while monitoring DCD and EEOC recommendations?


Whether it’s onsite screenings or online questionnaires, COVID-19 Reopening Plans require new documentation. Let DPSA help mitigate your risk with:

  • COVID-19 Notice(s) at Collection for employees and site visitors, including vendors
  • New policies and training to manage building entry and return-to-work practices
  • New policies and training for collecting highly sensitive COVID-19 personal health information
  • New COVID-19 security protocols to control access, store, protect, and destroy COVID-19-related data
  • Ongoing COVID-19-oriented communication

On top of everyone’s day job. It’s a lot.

We understand the stressors and the risks, and have designed our COVID-19 Reopening Package to help with the heavy lift of making sure you’re doing the right things.

Our COVID-19 Reopening Package addresses those issues plus additional items including:

  • Vendor COVID-19 Security Questionnaires to understand the impact of remote work on their security and privacy operations.
  • A COVID-19 Reopening Committee Charter to help leadership from across the enterprise ensure your company is compliant with privacy, security and CDC, EEOC, ADA and OSHA requirements.
  • Monitoring of CDC, EEOC, ADA and OSHA updates to permissible COVID-19 practices.

Everyone is looking forward to a return to the familiar, and DPSA can help you get there.

We offer a broad range of services that can be customized to your needs.

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